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 [Translation] about everyone talks about JIN in Radio

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PostSubject: [Translation] about everyone talks about JIN in Radio   Mon Oct 26, 2009 12:55 am

Credit : lineelu2001@lj

Here the radio :

TOKIO Night Club 20091024
(Taguchi, Koki and Tackey guest appearance recording)
songs played: RESCUE (KAT-TUN) & ヒカリひとつ (Tackey)

MF : mediafire.com ?dgnoni0zyvv
MU : megaupload.com 943D4C74

Takki no Takizawa Denpajou 20091024
(Murakami Shingo guest)
songs played: ヒカリひとつ (Tackey) & 急☆上☆Show!! (Kanjani8)

MF : mediafire.com ?yjjj0lnyg5w
MU : megaupload.com D5EX4C6N

Credit : estherzax@lj
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[Translation] about everyone talks about JIN in Radio
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